Hairy Legs Hannah's Feminist Quarter-Hour
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We need your help, Woke Citizens!

It’s your favorite host Ally Ira here, and while, as a straight white cisgender male, I have never experienced the feeling of needing help myself, I can 100% empathize with those who do - like Hairy Legs Hannah, whose podcast was just cancelled because no one listened. No, sorry, let me check the party line. It was cancelled due to “lack of funds.”

I have money, and, you know, privilege - I’ll be fine. But Hannah doesn’t have anything else. Just her passion, her belief in the liberal agenda, and her hair. And to me, that deserves a platform, from which she can shout at ignorant masses and spread the wokeness. So let’s give it to her! At end of this message, you’ll find a link to a Kickstarter campaign, where you can donate and help bring Hairy Legs Hannah’s Feminist Quarter-Hour back to life.

Let’s do this, Woke City! Hannah needs us more than ever, and it’s not just because her boyfriend left her. Let’s give this woman her job back!

Stay woke, stay hairy,

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Cast and Creative Team


Lilly Camp (Co-creator, Writer, Producer | Vocals: Lesbo Lauren & Others)

Writer, producer, consistently saving the world from the male gaze by spirit guiding your girl through her bicurious phase. I bike because cars are for planet killers, but only when it's warm.


Ranmi Lee (Audio Engineering, Editing)

Sound designer/editor/engineer by day, professional ninja and cat walker by night. Some call me 'half pint' because of my size. Overly sensitive to the cold but always craving chocolate ice cream...

Francisco Mendoza (Co-creator, Writer, Director, Composer | Vocals: Silent Sam & Others)

Writer, director, composer, don't ask call me "Francesco" my name is Spanish YES I AM LATINO AND WHITE, Mean Girls said it best: "you can't ask people why they're white!"


Pance Pony (Arrangements, Score | Vocals: Kombu$ha)

Music producer, songwriter, cellist, and sometimes I act like I’m an actress, but I’m really not. I guess I’m an actress actress? I have anxiety sometimes.


Emily Verla (Hairy Legs Hannah & Others)

Actor, Welder, Lesbian, Only Child. Carries THREE sizes of reusable metal straws at ALL TIMES and will passive aggressively use them even if a plastic earth destroyer is "accidentally" placed in my drink.


Bethany Sharp (Astounding Ashley & Others)

Producer, director, actor, man-hater. I loathe the new Wonder Woman movie because if she were a real Amazon she would have cut off her right boob like I did. Down with the patriarchy!


Adam Sharp (Ally Ira & Others)

Writer, actor, director, and self-hating straight white cisgender male overlord who uses his cat-o-nine tails to commit self-flagellation. Take that, privilege! 



Michael Lloret (Pro Life Peter & Others)

Actor, Musician, Former Fraternity bro. Don't take life too seriously. The best stories were never planned situations. Oh, I'm secretly also a chef.

Chauncy Thomas (Shaven Legs Shawn & Others)

Black, gay actor hellbent on world domination, the uprising of feminism, the castration of the patriarchy, and a bloodless coup of class warfare one booty jiggle at a time.


Aleca Piper (Guest Vocals: Twerky Tina)

Tall. Funny. And ready to take over the world with art. Always down to have fun but knows when it’s time to get to business. That being said, LET’S WERK! 


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The Ministry of Progressive Affairs will do its best efforts to read and respond to all messages, but keep in mind we are saving the world, so it might take a while.

You can also reach out to Hairy Legs Hannah on Twitter, @NotALesbo. Her account is not run by the Ministry of Progressive Affairs and we take no responsibility for any content posted in it or any interactions you have with her, however hairy.

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